What Is Geekswing?

So we started geekswing.com in July 2004.

Here’s how it went down …

I was (and still am, and always will be) interested in web sites, web design, web coding, web programming, and the like. However for me when I want to learn something I need to have a project.

And that is pretty much how all my current websites have come to fruition – because I wanted to learn something. This includes One2Swing, BenandSheri.com, and IAMLINDYHOP.com.

In this instance, I wanted to learn PHP and MySQL. Up until this point I was a ColdFusion/Oracle and Perl/Postgres kind of guy. So I decided to put a shopping cart site together from scratch.

Of course I had to have something to sell, and I always wanted to do t-shirts. We had just come back from our first teaching stint at Beantown where I was pleasantly surprised that my geeky jokes went over so well with the Beantown crowd (LOTS of techie engineer-y type peeps!)

So … shirts for geeky swing dancers like me! Why not?

And let me tell you, the t-shirt ideas came spewing fourth. You should see some of the designs I had! But common sense (a.k.a. Sheri) prevailed … if it was not a shirt she would wear, let’s not make it.

So, inspired by the simple and memorable LindyGroove shirt designs, we came up with the HTML tag shirts.

Now that I had a project, I had a website to build.

And that’s how it started …

The story continues later when I have more time to write :)


One thought on “What Is Geekswing?

  1. Hello Geek!

    I had gone through your blog for mounting windows on linux using samba and cifs. Struck with an issue for 2 days. I am trying to mount my windows file on linux using mount -t cifs //win/share/share /home/mkuna/mnt/sharedlocation/location/ -o username=@@@@@@,password=@@@. I am getting an error mount error(13): Permission denied
    Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs).. can you please help me.

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