When Daddy Does Parenting … (Yeah, That’s About Right)

I’ve taken our kids on many outings. Half-a-day to the park. Full-day at Disney. I’ve even done a full weekend! And sometimes it goes perfectly. And sometimes not.

Yup..this is about right.

(The above is an animated .gif, so if you don’t see anything happening yet, then it’s still downloading – feel free to scroll and read and then check back again, especially if you’re viewing on a phone. it’s totally worth it. And thanks to Courtney for sending me this laugh-out-loud pic!! :D )

On a more serious note… it’s interesting how “accomplished” a feeling it can be to have a “successful” care day with the kids all by my own dad-self.

Until you realize that this is what full-time stay-at-home moms do ALL THE TIME!

There really is no better gratitude a working parent can have for the stay-at-home parent than to take the kids for a full day or two to really appreciate the jack-of-all-trades and master-of-all-trades skills a full time parent has.


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That being said, I would be remiss to not mention the stay-at-home dads. I know quite a few, and they are awesome.

It’s been a full 30 years after the movie Mr. Mom came out, and it’s still an early and unestablished culture in the age of stay-at-home dads.

And this reminds me of an article I had read recently. A good friend of ours (one of Sheri’s bridesmaids’ husbands) is a stay-at-home dad, and he and two of his buddies rapped about being the full-time parent. And I loved it. So many good points made!

It’s awesome, check it out:

Stay At Home Dads Rapping!
Stay At Home Dads Rapping: L-R: Laren, Jim and Dan. Pic and article from themotherco.com

Here’s the link to the article and audio “interview” of the dads rapping

Stay-at-Home-Dads Rap about their Family Role article at TheMotherCo.com

A lot of great insight on being a full time parent as well as being a full time parent as a dad.

The first point brought up: the dads give more exposure to how under-appreciated stay-at-home moms have historically been. Because the fact is moms have been doing this FOR YEARS.

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Ever see those movies or books with the scene of a woman trying to re-enter the workplace and when asked about “prior experience” it is way too hard to bullet-point out the talents and skills and resourcefulness of what a mom is? Totally rings true when I listen to the audio interview.

The second interesting thing brought up by the dads: how dads currently are not fully and socially accepted into the mom’s playgroups. Understandable, because this might be more about the dynamic of a group of females being intruded on by men more than the idea that a dad can be a stay at home parent.

Very interesting, and when all is said and done, it’s an evolving demographic. And hopefully one that will bring a lot more exposure and appreciation to how hard working the stay-at-home parent is each and every day to care for the next generation of adults!

And if we never get over the dynamic of mixed parent groups, I can actually understand that. Because there’s parenting. And there’s also just gals wanting to hang out with gals and guys wanting to hang out with guys.

We can always just have the dude groups :)

What To Expect - The Dudes Group with Chris Rock

(from the movie “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, not bad..cute.. and the Dudes Group scenes are awesome!)

Happy Parenting!

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