When Ben Met Sheri: Happy 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Sheri and I were married 10 years ago: May 3, 2003. Happy 10 year anniversary to us! :) Many of our closest friends we have now we did not know ten years ago. That was my motivation for putting together our “Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Slideshow”. And if you know me and slideshows, you know you are in for a treat!

When Ben Met Sheri Wedding Program Cover

When Ben Met Sheri…

That was our wedding program cover by the way. The theme of our wedding was “When Ben Met Sheri” a.k.a. “When Harry Met Sally”. It told a similar story

  • Boy meets Girl
  • Boy and Girl become friends
  • Boy and Girl become confused
  • Boy and Girl stop talking
  • Boy and Girl reconcile, start dating, become engaged seven months later, and have been married ever since.

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Celebrating 10 years… we need a video!

I realize many of our closest friends we haven’t known for very long, so I was motivated to put together a wedding highlight video so they could “relive” our wedding so to speak. That grew into a much bigger project chronicling our ten years of marriage from the honeymoon until now.

It’s in five parts, and I’ve uploaded each part separately… to get the full effect though I ask you to watch it in its entirety :) (just shy of 20 minutes).


When Ben Met Sheri “10 Years Later”: Full Version

Part 1: The Wedding (May 3, 2003)
Part 2: The “Honeymoon” (2003 – 2007)
Part 3: One2Swing Jitterbugs (2007 – 2011)
Part 4: Overcoming Infertility (2010)
Part 5: Family and Friends! (2010 – Current)

When Ben Met Sheri “10 Years Later”: By Chapter

Part 1: The Wedding

The motivation behind this was that many of our closest friends today we met within the last 10 years, and so we wanted to share with them our wedding, not to mention this also is a precursor to the rest of the highlight video which is …well, what has been happening after we got married!

Part 2: The “Honeymoon”

Originally this was supposed to be just one video taking us from post-wedding until now (a.k.a. the long Honeymoon period). However as I worked through the photos and videos I realized the team needed its own clip as did the kids. This clip takes us from 2003 to 2007

Part 3: One2Swing Jitterbugs

This was one of the most intense and gratifying times of our lives between 2007 until now making friendships and connections with our One2Swing Jitterbugs. The video focuses from 2007 to 2011 (our last major performance). During this time, we found much joy working with amazing people, while at the same time found comfort and solace in team as we continued to try to have a baby

Part 4: Overcoming Infertility

We started trying to have kids in 2004. This video highlights 2010, six years later, when we became pregnant with Kayla on our third IVF procedure. (There’s a sprinkling of Emmitt in there also whom we had with our fourth IVF procedure in 2012)

Part 5: Family and Friends

This is a celebration from years 2010 to current of our starting a family with the birth of our daughter Kayla in 2010 and Emmitt in 2012. It’s a celebration of our family and friends and great times

Hope you enjoyed it! I immensely enjoyed putting it together and getting it out in the universe for posterity!

6 thoughts on “When Ben Met Sheri: Happy 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

  1. I didn’t know you had a site. I was doing a random search for lindy hop affiliate programs and I recognized Ben & Shari. hahahaha. This is Tammy from San Diego, well, now Texas. Anyway, maybe we can do a link swap. I have a blog and novel. though I’m not selling anything until the novel comes out that is. Guest Blog swap?

    Keep swinging,

    • Heya! Wow Tammy! Nice to hear from you :) Sure a guest blog swap would be awesome. And I love that you are planning a blog and novel. Me too :) Plans were for this year to get started, still mostly doing a bit of brainstorming. Hoping to write it next year. So we may end up needing to do some knowledge swap and other kind of mind-swaps on authoring and publishing too :D

      Let’s keep in touch :D

  2. Dear Ben and Sheri, I stumbled over your page and sooo enjoyed your wonderful videos! Your energy is transmitting through the web from the US to Switzerland – what beautiful people you are, from inside out! Keep on inspiring, thank you and a very merry Christmas from Zurich, C

    • Thanks so much Claudia! We appreciate it very much and glad to be able to spread good energy in the universe :D Merry Christmas to you! Your comment made my day!

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