Welcome Baby Emmitt! (PICS!)

A belated blog post…because we’ve been busy.

But here he is in all his glory! Welcome to the world our special little miracle baby # 2: Emmitt Yishin Yau!

Born November 18, 2012 @ 2:03pm

Weight: 7pounds 8.6 onces
Height: 20 inches

Quite the personality eh? He definitely makes a lot of faces ..momma Sheri and I are beside ourselves with all the funny faces he makes!

More pics and stories inside!

Emmitt lost a bit too much weight and had high levels of jaundice so we were re-admitted to the hospital. Kayla had been staying with Sheri’s parents but we went to go spend time with her and so we took her to the hospital with us.

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So our first family photo was in the exam room where they took Emmitt’s vitals before re-admitting us.

Taking a moment to give us a smile from under the “bili blanket” to treat his jaundice

We were hoping to make it home for Thanksgiving but were not able to. In fact on Friday morning he got a lab done and from the results it looked like we would likely stay through Saturday evening. So in the “Yau family way”, Sheri and Emmitt and I hunkered down and decided to get Emmitt to eat, poo, and pee as much as possible so he could gain weight AND purge the jaundice from his body. Sure enough, Friday evening they found his weight shoot up and his jaundice shoot down to levels that our attending pediatrician were comfortable with and we got discharged late Friday night.

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We got to Sheri’s family’s house where we have the traditional gathering of about 4 to 5 families for Thanksgiving and


Kayla was very happy to see her brother and gave him huge hugs

And finally the next day Saturday afternoon I snapped this pic of my three most favorite people in the world.

Welcome to the world my little baby boy Emmitt!

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