My 2013 “Family and Life” Resolutions

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The last set of my 2013 Resolution goals.

So far I posted My “Geek” 2013 Resolutions, My “Swing” 2013 Resolutions, and My “Empowerment and Success” 2013 Resolutions.

And last and most important: my “Family” 2013 Resolutions

And so here is my projection to the universe:

Without further ado…

The Yau Family Collage

My “Family and Life” resolutions/goals

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This is part of the “Wealth, Health, and Happiness” category of my blog. Wealth, Health, and Happiness are all heavily overlapping terms for me. It is about abundance of the things I love and the things that make me happy!!

Things that I love and make me happy? Well, my wife and two kids first and foremost. Vacations. Leisure time. It’s all good!


  • GOAL 1: A house for the family
  • GOAL 2: Some finances to get in order for the family
  • GOAL 3: Never take the kids for granted!!

And here we go!

Family Goals: The Details

GOAL 1: A house for the family

Nice House For the Yau Family

One resolution of mine: it’s time to move into a house with a yard so the kids can run around. Having Kayla’s best friend Trystan down the road, we have seen up front how great it is to have a yard the kids can run around and play in.

So on the list of goals: let’s get a home for our family.

Nothing extravagant ..just nice and comfortable with a lot of room to run around and play.

Seriously: There are so many COOL toys to buy! Tents, basketball hoops (Kayla by the way will be the first Asian American female to join the NBA), outdoor playhouses … and so we need a yard so I can spoil my kids properly. We need room for them to ride bikes, run around, get dizzy

Sidebar: I was playing music the other day and Kayla asked me to dance!! So we started dancing and by the way she likes to backlead spins. However, this time, she just kept spinning and spinning and spinning and finally let go of my hand and went into about five fast whirling-dervish spins and laughed out loud “DAD! I’m GETTING DIZZY!!” and started laughing …which gave me pause: I am trying to remember at what age getting dizzy was fun and you embraced it and at what age you stop liking getting dizzy…..

Ah kids….

Back to the house: also worthy of mention: we only have one bathroom currently!

Yes, a house with another bathroom, maybe another bedroom, and a yard!! On the list!

GOAL 2: Some finances to get in order for the family

Because time … matters!

Rule of 72
An easy metric here: We planned to start Kayla’s college fund right when she was born (and actually BEFORE she was born). You either have time or money…and if it’s fewer “money”, you need more time.

Kayla’s 2.5 years old already.. and we still haven’t started her college fund. That’s some procrastination right there.

So in general.. getting our finances in proper “family working order”. That means college funds for the kids. And more life insurance for the mommers and the dadders.

A no-brainer there

Sidebar: Did you ever play that game where someone asks you: “So what would you rather have, $1000 a day for 30 days? Or a $.01 on day one, $.02 on day two, $.04 on day three, etc..etc (the money doubles from the previous day?) It’s a great exercise in the power of compounding. You should write the values down on paper as an exercise to see why waiting 2.5 years is not a good thing

Sidebar: Rule of 72 is the other great concept in compounding. It’s a really powerful concept and basically is a general approximation of how long it will take for your money to double. If you work out just the numbers over time of the difference between, say, 6% (12 years) and 8% (9 years) it’s an eye-opener!

GOAL 3: Never take the kids for granted!!

While I’m not sure this is a proper “goal” or “resolution”, it is something I think constantly about and to me it’s important enough to mention as I put things out in the universe. In fact this really is the most important so this is a “save the best for last” type listing for this first part.

My lovely wife and kids, my family, will always come first.

It’s been an interesting story so far. If you read my “Swing” 2013 goals, I touched upon our six years of fertility challenges before we had our first daughter.

When we first started trying, I’ll admit I was quite nervous.

Was I ready to be a dad?
Did I want to be a dad?
What kind of dad would I be?

After six years of having it stare me in the face that we might never have kids, let me tell you a lot of those questions were answered. They say sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Something similar held true and when we finally had Kayla, I knew I would never ever take the kids for granted.

A really good movie to this point is Adam Sandler’s “Click”.

Click the movie with Adam Sandler

Yes ..that Adam Sandler.

Some of his movies are just cornball goodness (and badness) like “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan”. And yet some have, within that cornball medium, some can evoke thoughtful and emotional responses that are definitely beneath the surface, like “50 First Dates”.

One such movie? “Click”

The idea that the remote “learns” what is important to you by what you fast forward through became quite interesting , and like Adam Sandler’s character, it’s a great reminder that when you “fast forward” through something (take it for granted), whether you like it or not that sets in motion your habits.

In the movie, Adam Sandler always fast-forwarded through the “boring parts”. He was a very dedicated workaholic. In the end, the remote “learned” what was important to Adam Sandler’s character, which was work. And fast forwarded (i.e. went on auto-pilot) during all non-work parts of his life.

Towards the end of the movie, it actually got quite sad and a bit emotionally draining.

Moral of the story: think about what will be important to you throughout your life and at the end of your life and don’t fast forward through it. For us, having so many emotionally draining days and nights trying to start a family makes me realize I don’t ever want to fast-forawrd through that!

Kayla and Emmitt

That’s it…

Thanks for reading!

And universe thanks for letting me declare!

That is all for all my 2013 Resolutions!

Family And Life

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