Family Video Update April 22 2014: Emmitt Wants To Do Everything Sister Kayla Does

Two recent videos of the kids while I was traveling for work. Aunties Lacey and Tao and Uncle Sam came over…and the kids of course put on a show!


The Tutu

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It was very surprising one day when I was playing with Kayla that she disappeared into her closet (which has a curtain on it). I hear a lot of rustling about and noise and… TA-DAAAA she pops out with a pink ballerina tutu!

I didn’t even know she knew to change her outfits behind the curtain

“Oh yeah, she does that a lot when she plays dress up” says Sheri

I didn’t even know she had a ballerina tutu!

“Oh yeah, she’s been changing into that at least once a day” says Sheri

Emmitt Loves Taking After His Sister

As evidenced here and here and again here, Emmitt really loves to do what bigger sister does. But I don’t know if there is stronger evidence of that than here:

Love my kids… :)

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