Family Photo Update March 3 2013

Photos of the kiddoes taken by Joelle…. GAH love them! Two really good ones this time, both from Joelle!

My Kiddoes Kayla and Emmitt

So one night I must have been really ..REALLY tired dancing at LindyGroove with Joelle. And when a follow goes somewhere I don’t quite expect from the lead I suggested, I’m usually pretty good at just smiling and going with it. On this tired night, somehow..someway… well, I think I’m just too comfortable with Joelle because out of my mouth came a:


(with accompanying appropriate facial expression)

Followed by Joelle’s trademark laugh :)

Evidently, if you want to know what this “WHAT THE–?” face looks like, Joelle says Emmitt has it too

And for Kayla….well, she is the diva in the house now

Emmitt’s “WHAT THE–?” Face he inherited from me

Emmitt's "What the..." face

Someone Likes Stealing The Spotlight!!

Someone is Stealing My Spotlight ...

Thanks Joelle!

Auntie Joelle is awesome!

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