Family Photo Update July 16 2013: Smiles, Smiles, and More Smiles

Family Photo Update July 16, 2013

Family Photo Update for July 16, 2013! WOOWOO!

The Yau Family Tree

The Yau Family Tree

Someone *DEFINITELY* Takes After His Big Sister

someone definitely takes after his sister

Who Can Say No To That Smile? :)

who can say no to that smile?

The “Extended Family” Takes A Trip To San Diego

p.s. Congrats JP AND DORIS!!
"Extended Family" outing in San Diego

“Smile Emmitt!” Aren’t Big Sisters The Best?

SMILE Emmitt! Aren't big sisters the best?

“Pink Hello Kitty Helmet…CHECK!
Pink Plaid Cutesie Dress…CHECK!
Pink Sparkly Shoes…CHECK!
Pink Balance Bike…CHECK!
Nitty Gritty Face Ready To Take On The World….CHECK!!
Let’s Do This!!”

a.k.a. Kayla’s First Bike Ride
Ready To Take On The World

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