Family Photo Update August 15 2013: Uncanny!

It’s nice comparing photos of me and Sheri when we were younger with photos of Emmitt and Kayla!

Family Photo Update for August 15, 2013! WOOWOO!


Sheri and brother David, Kayla and brother Emmitt

Sure this one isn’t TOOO uncanny of a resemblance, but a fun one nevertheless!


Sheri in swimsuit, Kayla in swimsuit

This one..definitely uncanny. In fact when I first started showing people the pic of Sheri in her swimsuit most everyone thought it was Kayla at first …


Oh okay …a last one

Well, no photos of me like this, but I’m sure it happened… And I had to find some reason to put this photo in… LOOK AT THAT POOR GUY :)


p.s. follow the “Emmitt wanted to be part of the Hawaiian display shelf” photo on facebook here!


p.p.s. I seriously cannot get over this one ….

Kayla definitely looked like me for the first year, year and a half.. They say sometimes it is a evolutionary thing that all babies bear a stronger resemblance to the dad at first. But she definitely has changed the last year or so and is a spitting image of momma…


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