I Watched Something Amazing Today … And I’m Grateful For It

I watched something amazing today

Feels ilke it’s been a tough year this year for our country ..heck a few tough months even. Senseless shootings, racism, tragedy, and then so much bickering (at least on facebook) and on top of all that looming is a presidential election featuring two candidates that for the first time that I can remember make me fearful for the future of our country

And then this morning, I find myself sitting in the LA Convention Center West Hall to see my good friend Bruno become a citizen of the United States. And just like that, I was reminded how much I have to be grateful for.


There I was …

I’m sitting there, watching almost 4000 people standing up with their right hand raised, swearing their oath of allegiance to the United States. Declaring before a federal judge in a large convention-center-turned-federal-court that they will support and defend this country and its Constitution, and they take this obligation freely with no reservation…

I listen to a federal judge speak about his parents who came here from Haiti for a better opportunity. He speaks about other countries where you do not have these freedoms, you cannot pursue a religion of your choice, you do not and cannot own anything, and countries where the government controls the media, internet, everything.

And then he speaks of our country where you are provided many opportunities and freedoms. Limited not by government, but only by your own will and imagination.

What an interesting contrast of my feelings the last few weeks of what’s going wrong here in this country compared to the thousands strong in front of me who have no doubt about what’s going right here in this country.

I think about how I’ve been wanting to stay off of facebook or watching the news because it just depresses me.

And then look back in front of me and witness thousands of people and likely millions in total this year who have worked so hard for many years just to be a part of the very same country I’ve been somewhat lamenting.

It’s pretty amazing… and through these people’s eyes I can realize something that I too often take for granted, that it is a great country and that there is much freedom and opportunity here.

Bless this country, and the many men and women who fight to protect it. I’m pretty lucky. And here’s hoping I remember to not take it for granted.

And last but not least congrats to my friend Bruno!! Couldn’t be happier for you!



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