Friday Fun Stuff: HAPPY SYSADMIN DAY! (Part 2!)

Welcome to Friday Fun Stuff!

(inspired by my buddy Roy!)

It’s Sysadmin Day!!

The last Friday in July is Sysadmin Day (or rather ..”Sysadmin Appreciation Day”…or rather ..”SAD”). Yes Please Let’s Celebrate this SAD DAY!!

# HAPPY SYSADMIN DAY!! to my comrades and fellow supporters!.

Sysadmin thoughts…

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Some sysadmin thoughts off the top of my head on this wonderful day…

Q: Why do sysadmins makes the best relationship partners?
A: If something ever goes wrong, the first thing we’re going to do is make sure you’re turned on

Q: Why do sysadmins makes the most frustrating relationship partners?
A: Before we turn you on, we will make sure you are entirely turned off

Q: Did you hear about the music group consisting of sysadmins?
A: They call themselves the IT Band
(And just in case that was confusing …)
(And we’d probably perform wearing these …)
bith band
Q: What are the best dirty jokes for a sysadmin?
A: TCP/IP Jokes! Because they are a SYN! (ACK!)

(and what better way to follow that up than with …)
Q: Why does a sysadmin love telling UDP jokes?
A: You don’t care when nobody gets them ….

A Handy Little Gift For Your Sysadmin Friend… (Or a Hug! Yeah Maybe A Hug!)

sysadmin appreciation day

Dig The Poster!


A Final Thought …

“Work like you don’t need the money. Dance like no one is watching. And love like you’ve never been hurt.”
-Mark Twain

All kidding aside, I love being a Sysadmin. I’m blessed to love my Work. And part of that is being able to balance my work life with the best “hobby” in the world: Dance – the perfect blend of the technical and the creative. And of course what would this all be without … Love. My wife and kids complete me. Thank you universe and God for the wonderful blessings.







Happy Friday! Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day!

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