OH SHEILA! How I *REALLY* Started Learning To Dance

During my growing up years, the big dance craze was the emergence of breakdancing, hip hop, and other similar looking dances. This was during the boom of music videos (prior to the launching of MTV). Two popular forms of dance boomed: breakdancing/hip hop and this R&B group choreography dancing like you’d find in The Time’s “Jungle Love”.

Music video after music video started hitting the air filled with dance moves, and thank heavens for “Night Tracks” on TBS that aired these music videos (this was before the launch of MTV)

The most influential music video for me during the emerging of my own dancing? That would be the very obscure: “Oh Sheila” by “Ready For The World”

Ready For The World - Oh Sheila

My favorite video for quite awhile: “Oh Sheila” by Ready For The World

And then there was New Edition

And of course anything Michael Jackson-related, but for some reason that didn’t hit me as much as watching the singers in the band actually dance (pre-cursor to the boy bands that came the decade after)

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And I’ll just say hunting down these videos and watching them brought back a ton of memories of me practicing the same moves in front of my mirror. I even convinced my dad to buy me some white pants and a white sport coat so I could really be “Ready For The World”!

Oh Sheila – Ready For The World

Looking back on it now, I’m still not exactly sure what compels me so much to this. The steps are not that complicated. I think it’s really just how smooth it all looks overall. The outfits, the way they all look together as a group ….just looks really silky smooth to me ;)

New Edition – Cool It Now

The first hit of New Edition – When I first saw this I got all giddy and excited. Looking back on it now, there is not really a lot of dancing per se, just a lot of exaggerated movements to go with the lyrics. But I remember when I first saw it … it had everything. The solo dancing movements, the “group line choreography”, and then when the group turned into the solo choreo with “back line choreography” during the rap … OOOHHHAH it had it all!

New Edition – If It Isn’t Love

In my mind, it was a big break from Cool It Now to this album … new look, grown up, more complicated group choreography, and a song that really sticks with you with whatever those bell-percussion type noises are during the musical breaks … I think I was (and I’m not so ashamed to say it) a Ralph Tresvant fanboy

I Love Lindy Hop!

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