How I Got Started In Swing Dancing – Part 1

Let’s start at the very beginning …

A very nice place to start …

a.k.a. How I got started in swing dancing …

The abbreviated version:
The 1998 Gap Khakis Swing Commerical was my first exposure to swing dancing.

1998 Gap Khakis Swing Commercial

Okay..and here’s the longer version:

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I grew up watching musicals… broadway shows. I was watching them on TV or I was watching them in person. My parents were huge fans of musicals and my dad had season tickets to off-Broadway type theaters up in Seattle. So I grew up watching the greats:

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
West Side Story
My Fair Lady
and many many more …

And we watched “Singin’ In The Rain” probably 2 or 3 times a year.

Moses Supposes from Singin' In The Rain

Not to mention on road trips, my dad would be playing soundtracks to all these musicals all up and down the coastline (we road-tripped to Reno, NV and Disneyland, CA every year).

That being said, I guess you could say I grew up on all the great musicals. So I was aware of all this great dancing and choreography.

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Fast forward: I became a huge fan of swing music just from hearing the songs in commercials (most notably: Sing Sing Sing from Chips Ahoy) and bought a few different swing CDs (The BBC Big Band compilations were my first swing cds I owned – cheap and a lot of great music, these are the ones you’d find in your local drugstore).

So being a fan dancing in general (jazz, show, etc) and a fan of swing music, I was IN AWE when I saw the 1998 Gap Khakis Swing Commercial..

I had NO IDEA that people actually DANCED to this great music I had become a fan of!!

I was charmed

I was bewitched

And that was that for a few months …. :) Until I found out later that regular people … REGULAR PEOPLE like you and me, were dancing this dance. Not just those professionals I saw on TV.

But yes, you could say the Gap Commercial was the very beginning to my exposure to swing dancing!

I Love Lindy Hop!

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