We closed up shop some time ago.

While we loved the shirts and they seemed to have gained a cult popularity following some years back ..and we loved selling them as much as you loved buying them .. :D … we eventually got tired of

  • storage issues
  • hauling shirts around
  • “manning” the sales booth instead of socializing and dancing
  • did i mention .. hauling shirts around?

So we closed up shop. ..

We still have quite a few shirts left if you’re interested in any particular one. Just send us which one:
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And we’ll take a look – eventually we’ll post our inventory.

To unload the inventory I will most likely also have some sort of giveaways onsite as well!

For more info on the so called “rise and fall” of geekswing.com (sounds SO dramatic!!) check the history of Geekswing (a.k.a. “What is Geekswing?”) page!


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