Windows Can’t Boot? Need To Recover Files? Clonezilla To The Rescue!

Clonezilla is a free imaging tool. That already rocks in itself. However, Clonezilla is based on a mini linux kernel (Debian based) which features shell access among many other things.

(Clonezilla official site)

Plus, as an imaging tool, a variety of raid card drivers and hard drive drivers are included. What this means: Clonezilla is an AWESOME recovery tool as well.

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In my previous Clonezilla post I used Clonezilla to reset root password on a linux box.

Here we do a more complex task with Clonezilla: backup files off a Windows server that won’t boot!

windows won't boot

Clonezilla is awesome. I have used it for many a sysadmin-y recovery task and hope that this is the first of at least a few tutorials on using Clonezilla for awesomeness.

Full comments/commentary/screenshots coming soon!

Video Demo: Enjoy!

Screenshots and Commentary…coming soon!!

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