Geekswing 2.0 a.k.a. Geekswing Relaunch

Yes, it is the relaunch

but maybe not in the way you expect …

Yes, after many years, geekswing has been relaunched.

For awhile now I have wanted to start my own blog and part of that was looking for a brand that suited me. Sheri and I talked and brainstormed over the years now and again (and came up with some mighty interesting and strange ideas for blog names …. LOOOPY!!! kind of felt like when we come up with potential baby names and just about anything started sounding good).

as an aside, one night I realized that all the state names make really good baby names …

South Dakota Yau
California Yau
Rhode Island Yau
Alabama Yau

Yes ..they all work…

thinking of baby names

Anyhow …

To make a long story short, Sheri came up with a brilliant idea awhile back and said:

“Why don’t you just use geekswing?”

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For some reason the thought hadn’t entered my head. We had two offers on buying the brand/site/store, plus a third offer to help us sell the shirts (they are/were quite popular!). And we were considering it but I just didn’t want to let the brand go. It was kind of my baby, and I thought it suited me

And so with Sheri’s brainstorm, yes geekswing has been relaunched as my blog … (but we still have shirts! Look for them as part of a giveaway!!!)

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welcome to my blog


welcome to my musings on swing dancing, geekiness, and life


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