My New Year’s Resolutions: Grading 2013

Sure sure, it’s already February, and the year is already about 10% of the year over already, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still squeeze these in.

Some is better than none!

And as a birthday present to myself (February 13), I finally finished these New Year Resolution blog posts :)

But before we conquer 2014, how did I do for 2013? Yes let’s see how I did and hold me accountable!


Last Year I divided my resolutions into four categories, and thus, four posts:

“Geek” Resolutions
“Swing” Resolutions
Empowerment and Success Resolutions
Family and Life Resolutions

This year? Just one post. Because one thing I need to do is simplify :)

My 2013 Theme: Rebirth

If you know me, you know I like themes. Well, really, I like stories. I love stories. From choreography, to planning classes, to enjoying sports, I always like a good story behind everything

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While I didn’t go into 2013 with a theme, I did notice while writing this that I did have one: rebirth. The story for me was kind of a methodical: “Okay, this is the first time I’m seriously doing a lot of blogging. Let’s really set some goals down in stone. Let’s do this.”

Kind of like pregnancy, kind of like birth, and kind of like raising kids. It was all about methodical planning and process and then seeing what would happen.

And from there, emerged the theme in my head. Rebirth. did the heck did I do in 2013?

Here are my resolutions and … the results!


Sysadmin Geekiness
[GEEK #1]: Get certification(s) in Linux/Unix. GRADE: F
Well, I made *ZERO* headway towards this. The sad thing? My work will reimburse me too. I just did not make an effort towards this. Some is better than none, and I did not even do some.

[GEEK #2]: Blog more. GRADE: A
Definitely blogged more. Loved it! Wish I did more!

Some of my favorites: (8 of them to be exact):

  1. Our New York Visit To The Lloyd-Samsons in 25 photos
  2. Family Photo Update July 16 2013: Smiles, Smiles, and More Smiles
  3. Once In Awhile Geekiness May Work Against You
  4. Friday Fun Stuff For July 26, 2013: HAPPY SYSADMIN DAY!
  5. The Lemon… or The Blueberry?
  6. My Miracle Family: Part 1 (a.k.a. My First VIF Blog Post)
  7. The Evolution Of A Programmer
  8. When Ben Met Sheri: Happy 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

[GEEK #3]: Be proud of my work, do not take it for granted. Grade: A
CHECK! (this is almost a given and I feel like I shouldn’t even include it as a resolution) (hint hint for 2014)


Lindy Hop
[SWING #1]: Get back to enjoying dancing..don’t take Lindy Hop for granted! Grade: A+
CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! This past year was much more enjoyable for me swing wise – I worked on a few things, met a LOT of new people, and was at LindyGroove almost every Thursday for dancing after teaching! And really got back in touch with social dancing. Love love love!

[SWING #2]: Nurturing and developing Lindy Academy to grow dancers Grade: A-
I’ll admit we kicked off the year with a bang, but as the year went on my time got very short with many things…posting updates properly and planning classes out a bit better. Wish I could have followed through with my 110% nurturing all the way to the end. Thus, A-.


Empowerment and Success

[Empowerment #1]: Run two half marathons this year Grade: B-
This was an interesting experience, one worthy of its own blog post. Sufficed to say, up until December, I had run … (drum roll)… ZERO! That’s right BIG FAT ZERO. But I crammed one in at the end there.

On a day I woke up and decided to go on a run after a lay-off of about 2 months, as I got on my running stuff I said to myself

“Dangit. Let’s just go and do the 13.1 miles right now.”

And that was that. 4x around the Rose Bowl plus a little extra, and I had 13.3 miles. So yes, I am liberally giving myself partial credit for this one including extenuating circumstances of cramming it in under the gun!

my-half-marathon1a   my-half-marathon2a   my-half-marathon3a

[Empowerment #2]: One2Swing Jitterbugs “warm-up” three times a week Grade: D-
Fail fail fail. The “warm-up” includes pushups, situps, and stretching. And while I did manage pushups and situps (or planking) I definitely failed on the stretching. Dang.

[Empowerment #3]: Floss every day Grade: D-
Fail fail again. I did floss for the 1.5 months leading up to my semi-annual dentist appointments. Yay for cramming! :) But Boooo Otherwise :(

[Empowerment #4]: 3x a week get 7+ hours of sleep Grade: F
More like once a week, if that. Booooo

[Empowerment #5]: Always give money to a “panhandler” who asks for it Grade: A-

My most interesting New Year’s Resolution from this past year. Very..VERY interesting. And had the most impact on my life in both work, family, and Lindy Hop! In other words, another one worthy of a new blog post.

In short, the goal here was to start to open my mind to new things. I had felt it reflexively closing off: seeking out bad, being doubtful. I wanted my mind to be open and optimistic again. And this resolution definitely was a mind-opener for me. Be on the lookout for a blog post about this :)

BUT… I did want to share one of the more fun aspects of this was when Kayla was in the car with me. Because each time I’d roll down the window to give someone money, Kayla would inevitably ask

“Daddy, why did you give that man money?”

And being the inquisitive and curious gal she is, the following conversation would engage us for quite a long time. Kayla would keep asking:

“Why?” “Why?” “Why?”

Which made it quite an introspective and fun resolution and a great learning experience for me I’ve taken to my work and my Lindy Hop!

[Empowerment #6]: Launch my three *NEW* internet marketing properties Grade: C
I launched two of them :) Some is better than none!

[Empowerment #7]: Complete at least two of my books Grade: C

While I did very little work on the books I had in mind, some opportunities fell in my lap and I did help edit and write a few other ebooks. Some is better than none! Luck = Preparation + Opportunity!

Here they are (free pdf downloads!)


Family And Life

[Family #1]: A house for the family. Grade: C
Due to a lot of other reasons and priorities, we put off the house shopping. We did tidy up our place quite a bit though! So passing grade!

[Family #2]: Some finances to get in order for the family Grade: B-

We started out the year really strong! Got many of our accounts cleaned up, life insurance cleaned up (if you need a referral, we really like our guy!), and our estate set up. We petered out at the end of the year a bit, still have more cleaning to do. Overall though many steps taken (and many more steps to go!)

[Family #3]: Never take the kids for granted. Grade: A+

I almost feel like this goes without saying too. And am reminded of this:

Advice On Life By Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes)

(and this hehheh)

Family Video Update June 25 2013: Kayla Playing With Emmitt

(and… this)

Overall grades:

  • GEEK (Individual Grades: F, A, A) OVERALL GRADE: B
  • SWING (Individual Grades: A+, A-) OVERALL GRADE: A
  • EMPOWERMENT AND SUCCESS (Individual Grades: B-, D-, F, A-, C, C) OVERALL GRADE: C
  • FAMILY AND LIFE (Individual Grades: C, B-, A+) OVERALL GRADE: B

Not too shabby, could be better. So let’s aim for better for 2014, shall we?

Coming next … My New Year’s Resolutions: 2014 a.k.a. The Year Of Adventure!

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