My New Year’s Resolutions: 2014 a.k.a. The Year Of Adventure!

Sure sure, it’s already February, and the year is already about 10% of the year over already, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still squeeze these in. Some is better than none!

If you know me, you know I love themes. For 2013, I had the idea of “Rebirth” as a theme. Getting back to blogging, getting back to actually putting New Year’s Resolutions out in the universe, and then making a plan.

For 2014, I did not have any time to do resolutions up until this point..barely time to think about it. And the year has already started to fly by. Almost as if 2014 is saying: just grab hold, and see what comes next!

Which gave me the feeling of just one theme in my head.


Just grab it and see where it takes you. So let’s go an adventure, shall we?


I just finished grading myself on my 2013 resolutions (read about it here) and so it’s time to go on with 2014 now!

My 2014 “Theme”

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2014′s story thus far: because of a hectic work week, I barely had time to do any contemplating before I was grinding it out at a customer site in Ottawa, Canada. I didn’t have time to write, blog, or think. And while this was going on, I would see in my Facebook news feed SO MUCH HAPPENING! Almost as if 2014 was saying “Don’t worry about all that! Hop on quick!!”. And then for some reason that’s when the theme of “Adventure” kept popping up!

I even ended up expressing that on Facebook (see below)

I just can’t help thinking … 2014 is the year of Adventure.

And while 2013, I did all the planning ahead of time, sometimes you can plan to death and use it to be what I call “productively procrastinating”. Others call it “Analysis Paralysis”. At some point, you have to take that next step.

Our mentor has two great sayings about this:

“It’s fine to learn what you can, eventually you have to take that next step.”

“After you take a step, the next will be revealed.”

And then make sure to enjoy the process and taking those steps to see where they will lead.

My 2014 Resolutions… With the theme of trying new things. So let’s try to stretch a bit more than last year. Let’s delve a bit into the unknown this year.


[GEEK #1]: Blog Twice A Month: Once on everyday Linux/Unix tasks, Once focusing on “bigger picture” subjects (Cloud, Storage, VMware).
That’s right, some specific blogging material there. Instead of your generic “Blog more”, there it is. PLUS including a topic I know nothing about: Cloud Computing!! :D

[GEEK #2]: Write some tech-related .PDFs and offer them for sale
Never thought I’d publish anything tech-related. All the books I have, all the authors have some amazing credentials. But in the age of ebooks, well, there you go. I figure I can probably do that. Not sure where to start, but at least the end goal is there for me to shoot for :)


[SWING #1]: Take lessons!
It’s been a long time since I’ve taken any lessons of any sort. And to be honest, I’m not quite yet prioritizing lessons in my life. There is definitely enough in my life to do. However, there are already two very easy avenues for lesson taking here.

With Dax and Sarah back in town their Lindy Loft provides another great accessible avenue for taking lessons.

But even the LindyGroove Mini-Privates offer up a very easy way to take lessons. I am there every Thursday after all teaching.

Now you might be thinking, “Hey Ben, you already teach there? Aren’t you part of the vaulted Lindy Academy?”. For which my answer is ..well, yes. “Won’t it be strange since you have mentored quite a few of those who teach the Mini-Privates?” Well… yes. And to be honest I’m not sure even what to ask of them or what I want to learn.

But guess what? The end-goal is “Take lessons”. So I just need to book them, and then we’ll see where they go! (A little mini-adventure!)

[SWING #2]: Choreograph some pieces for Lindy Academy
Sheri and I definitely believe competition and performance really grow Lindy Hoppers. Not to mention, I just miss choreography a lot. So for a few of the classes this year for Lindy Academy I want to nail down some really nice choreography for the class to do, either solo or partnered … or both!


I’ve changed the “Empowerment and Success” name to “Health and Wealth” which is what it really is all about. Wealth can be defined many ways, and it really is just about enriching your life. And of course you want to be healthy to enjoy it!

Of course the health portion of my resolutions, mostly the same. The adventure will be seeing if I can do them this year since I kind of flailed on them last year. However, I did add a bit more of a twist to make it more “adventurous”.

[HEALTH #1]: Run three half marathons this year
[HEALTH #2]: Stretching (or equivalents) 3x a week
[HEALTH #3]: Floss every day
[HEALTH #4]: 3x a week 7+ hours of sleep
[HEALTH #5]: ALWAYS be doing at least two 30-day challenges every day
I started with the 30 Day Plank Challenge and realized this was a fun way to exercise. So replacing my push-ups/sit-ups is to always be doing two of these 30-day challenges.

And there are a lot out there. Honestly I don’t even know what’s all out there. I may just end up googling “30 day exercise challenge” and take the first two that pop up each time I’m up for “renewal”. That should be interesting.

30-day-ab-challenge   30-day-plank-challenge   30-day-cardio-challenge

And for the wealth:

[WEALTH #1]: Delve into new internet marketing strategies
I have been dedicating my efforts to the Amazon affiliates program for the last few years. It’s time to try something new, like CPA/CPC offers.

[WEALTH #2]: Write my FIVE books!
Not two books anymore, but five. Because I came up with a great idea late last year. Ran it by Sheri. She loves it. It’s a series of five books that all tie-together. Now it’s a matter of writing it. Not sure where to start. And marketing it! Yeah, not sure where to start there. This one will be interesting.

[WEALTH #3]: Website Remodeling: One2Swing, Third Saturday Swing, I AM LINDY HOP, One2Swing Jitterbugs.
Not really an adventure, just something on my plate – something of a guilty pleasure.

Third Saturday Swing is just a minor upgrade to make it mobile friendly. One2Swing definitely looks like it’s been abandoned. I need to rethink and remodel it to restore its brand to something I can be proud of. I AM LINDY HOP is one of my favorite ideas for a site, however it was quite buggy and now it’s time to rethink the design and redeploy it so people can enjoy it again. And finally, while the One2Swing Jitterbugs are still “on hiatus”, I’d like to get a website up which will function more like a museum a tribute to one of the best and most memorable times in my life.

By guilty pleasure, I mean that the only site that is current and necessary out of those is the Third Saturday Swing website. The other sites I used to take pride in but have now neglected. So it’s time to re-visit my old friends and pay them some attention. And turning them into something I will enjoy and be proud of.


[FAMILY #1]: Continue to get the finances and housing and schooling in order
[FAMILY #2]: Keep having adventures with the kids! And blogging about them!

This really is an easy one, because my kids are amazing. And the above is all about getting the house in order for me, my wife, and my kids.

And my kids rock and make it easy to want to get everything done for them. Kayla is getting smarter and smarter every day, and Emmitt is starting to really explore now. Just the other day on a walk, he played for about 5 to 10 minutes with a swinging “For Sale” sign posted outside or condo complex.

And in fact, on a recent “5-minute” walk to the post office which turned into a 20 minute adventurous jaunt, Emmitt reminded me that when we all run around and sort our everyday life, sometimes it’s nice just to take a moment to stop and smell the “roses”

stop and smell the roses


Looking back at all that, and realizing it’s already halfway through February, that all seems like a long haul. But hey, who said resolutions can’t be challenging? Some is better than none!

Happy 2014 to you. Happy Chinese New Year to you. And I hope you have much prosperity and adventure this year!


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