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2012 was a rather interesting year for me, a lot of new goals, a lot of ups, a lot of downs, a lot of swithceroos during the year. With 2013 coming on, I have found that quite a few of my priorities remain the same, while some are quite new.

True to the name of my blog “GeekSwing”, I find I have a few important main areas in my life, namely being a “Geek” (sysadmin), a “Swing” dancer (Lindy Hopper), as well as one to pursue Wealth, Health, and Happiness when it comes to family, friends, and life.

As such, I decided to write…nay ..DECLARE some 2013 plans and goals in the various aspects of my life. Whether this gets read or not, who knows, but a lot of the fun in blogging and writing and declaring is simply to put things out into the universe.

Without further ado…

i am a computer geek

My three “Geek” resolutions/goals:

  • GOAL 1: Get Certification(s) in Linux/Unix
  • GOAL 2: Blog More
  • GOAL 3: Be Proud Of My Work, Do Not Take It For Granted

The Geeky details? Read on!

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Well, my Geek life as a sysadmin is not too exciting really. It is what I do during the day and is my career. I actually am not much of a computer Geeky guy at night. That is reserved for being a dad, husband, Lindy Hopper, and entrepreneur.

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That being said … there are a few resolutions I have.

Wait wait..first, what’s a sysadmin?

Most people fall into it. A typical example is at your everyday small office

“Hey… our printer isn’t working. Anyone know how to fix the printer?”
“Not me… Not sure who knows..”
“Hey Frank knows some computer stuff. Maybe he can fix it.”
“Good idea. Hey Frank! Can you fix the printer?
“Sure!” says Frank, because he likes being techie and seems to have a knack for this kind of stuff.

And before you know it, Frank becomes the computer guy at the office. Then when the company grows larger and wants to develop websites, bring email in house, start using Microsoft Exchange, start using a corporate firewall, etc.etc.. Frank is the man.

Or another way to think of it …

When it comes to any kind of computer website or application, there are basically four parts to it

1) Networking (computers talking to each other) managed by Network Administrators
2) Software (the application itself) managed by Software Programmers
3) Databases* (there is not always a DB backend, but often there is) managed by Database Administrators
4) Operations (everything that isn’t in the above) managed by System Administrators

Me? I started as a sysadmin right out of college. Back in 1994. That’s a story for another time..

That being said .. I am a pretty old school sysadmin. This was a few years before any sort of certifications came out. Microsoft led the charge with its MCSE certification and Sun Microsystems and other techie companies followed suit.

At the time, we snobby “real sysadmins” (a.k.a. Unix sysadmins) (this is a few years before Linux become popular also) kind of looked down on everything Microsoft did, and that included certifications. A “real sysadmin” didn’t need a certification and in fact if any resumes came across the desk of a “real sysadmin” we would just scoff at it and throw it out HA HA HA HA

Dilbert Unix Sysadmin Cartoon

GOAL 1: Get Certification(s) in Linux/Unix

My first plan is to get some sort of certification in my chosen career as a sysadmin.

RedHat’s certification became one of the first true “legit” certifications for Linux/Unix. It was a really hard exam, both written and the “field” exam (hands-on). So I hear. This was probably late 1990′s.

I still never really got any certifications although it started becoming a “Well, one day it would be nice to have one.”

These days there are plenty of great Unix/Linux related certifications to be had.

At my current work, I am doing a lot of work with AIX. AIX is IBM’s version of Unix, and I need to say this “dinosaur” is probably one of the most stable, most versatile, and most reliable operating systems around.

AIX is also weird

99% of Linux/Unix sysadmins are “fluent” in one or more of the following:

  • BSD Unix (Old SunOS)
  • Sys V Unix (HP-UX, Solaris)
  • Linux (Debian, Redhat, Suse, and their variants)

AIX itself is off the wall. And weird. This is the Unix that scares off most Linux/Unix sysadmins. It is also not heavily used because 1) it is expensive, 2) it is scary, and 3) there are not a lot of AIX sysadmins out there

So one of my plans: Get my first AIX certification.

This is actually a series of tests that need to be passed, so I’m not sure I’ll get my full certification this year, but I definitely want to pass at least one, if not two of the tests. Not only can I then claim I’m a UNIX dinosaur and be the snobby to the snobby, but it will definitely help me be more effective at my current job considering I’m pretty much the only AIX guy.

GOAL 2: Blog More

Update My blog MoreIt is really interesting trying to remember what being a sysadmin was like prior to the explosion of the internet. To give you a reference, when I became a sysadmin, Mosaic was the main internet web browser and Netscape Navigator had JUST been released. It would be quite a few years before Internet Explorer would even be made. This was also a few years before Microsoft tried to launch its own internet before realizing that was futile and then “joined” the rest of the internet.

These days, I pretty much keep a lot of notes on all the tasks I do at work…partially because I think my memory is crammed to full and I have no more hard drive space, and partially because with so much great info on the internet, I always thought it would be cool if my blog would be one of the ones that showed up in search results by other sysadmins.

So … my goal is to start moving some of my documents to this blog and also blog new things I learn each day.

This is actually quite important because I have actually never blogged for myself. I do a lot of website work (a lot of it for internet marketing, that resolution to come later) as well as a lot of writing for other blogs . You could say that my own blog has been a long time coming. Especially considering how much I *LOVE* to write.

So the nurturing of my own blog has been a long time coming. I think I’ve done okay this year, and I plan to keep it up! Specifically, a “GEEK” related post at least three times a month.

Goal 3. Be Proud Of My Work, Do Not Take It For Granted

Man Going To WorkThis kind of goes without saying..every year of my sysadmin career I have always wanted to make sure that I am proud of my work. I love being a sysadmin and I love being proud of my work, and fortunately it has in return served me well in my life.

Not only that, but I am fortunate to have a great sysadmin job CLOSE TO HOME.

Most of the sysadmin jobs are in West LA area. And that’s where I have worked most of my career. I finally found a fantastic job close to home, with a family-oriented company, which means instead of a three hour round-trip commute with super-long hours where I probably would never get to see my kids grow up, I am working close to home for a solid company that I really enjoy working for, doing what I enjoy, and able to also make time for my kids.

True story: first day to work. 15 minute commute. I was so used to the 90 minute commute and listening to different podcasts and songs and things … that when I got to work I actually turned off the car, sat there for a sec, kind of snickered and laughed “well,…now what?”

And so in the interesting of keeping this ideal situation of a great job at a great company close to my home, I definitely want to continue doing good work for my company.

That’s it…

Gee, I really thought I had more, but that’s probably a lot already….

Thanks for reading!

And universe thanks for letting me declare!

Coming Next … My 2013 “SWING” Resolutions and more!


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