Happy Father’s Day To Me 2015!

When those special days come up: Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, wedding anniversary, and Father’s day, I have usually written some reflective post about life as a daddy and as someone who went through fertility challenges.

Been WAY too busy, but wanted to share this little tidbit just because the accompanying pic is too darn cute :D


So it was a “Third Saturday Swing” dance weekend (http://thirdsaturdayswing.com) which meant the two older kids (KK and E) were at the grandparents. Mr. W (three months old now!) stayed with us. So yay got to spend some of my father’s day getting a dance in with m’lady!


Anyway… so here come’s Sunday ..Father’s Day.

Backing up a bit: I had purchased a Seahawks onesie for him when he was born off of ebay, wifey said it was way too large for him and put it in storage.

I forgot about it.

Sunday morning wife pulls it out of storage, puts it on him, plops him on my lap (fell asleep on the couch) ..

Yay :) now that’s a great way to wake up!


He and I talk for a bit.

And then he lets out a big big big poo, blows out his diaper, gets poo on the Seahawks onesie, and we have to change him.

You could say he’s so excited about the upcoming season that he literally crapped himself

At least I got a photo!

Happy Father’s Day!

Some more photos of me and my little 12s!!!

Is pre-season over yet?


We’re ready to BRING IT! Legion of (Baby) Boom!!!


Okay seriously speaking, you had to be blind to not let Marshawn run it in…(you know what I’m talking about)


Fear us! Cuz we’re too cute!


Does this not strike fear into your heart?


It’s every father’s dream to play football with his son … BEAST MODE!!


Happy Father’s Day!

(p.s. not the Seahawks, but a nice little family photo from the late 1970′s of me, my bro, and my mom and dad)


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