Transformer Costumes That Transform Part 2!

Following up on my wildly popular Transformer Costumes That Transform post (well, at least wildly popular with me!) is now … PART DEUX!!!

Transformer costumes that transform

Seriously .. I need to get me one of these.


NOTE: Click the image to watch it transform! Please be patient! The actual animated gifs are a good 3mb to 5mb big so it may take a bit to download!

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  1. Trip The Light Fantastic!

    Homemade boxy ..and awesome. Smooth transformation AND HEADLIGHTS!!

  2. Pink!!

    Okay, dig the colors, dig the logos, nice paint job …and how can you not like the equality thing going on with the awesome BRIGHT PINK girl transformer costume?

  3. I’ll Take The Yellow One

    Okay, most likely a professionally made one… but having it “on display” in the dealership, that’s awesome.

  4. Transform ..and ROLL OUT!

    Good costume, but big bonus points for then running and then transforming, keeping it real!


    Seems cars are easier to make ..since that’s what most transformer costumes are. So bonus points on the extra work to make a plane!

Hope you enjoyed this photo presentation :) More to come!

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