The World’s Hardest Game (They Mean It!)

Another great flash game that came out of the era of flash games.

First, great marketing calling it “The World’s Hardest Game”, and while it isn’t *THAT* hard (because then who wouldn’t want to play it?) is pretty addicting *AND* it is just hard enough to keep you interested…

Those teases..

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World's Hardest Game Screenshot

It’s not TOO hard where you just despair and move on.

It’s hard enough because you get so close to finishing each time and then BAM they get you.

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All you need to do is:

  1. Use the arrow keys to move your red square
  2. Go from the START to the END
  3. Avoid all the blue balls (hehhehheh ..all my years playing this I *JUST* realized the humor (intended?) just now when writing these instructions!)

    And most importantly

  4. Don’t tear your hair out

    Seriously..this should have been put out by some hair-loss treatment product kinda like the brilliance of the people behind the ACNE BE GONE game..

    Without further ADO!!!

    The World’s Hardest Game

    Yeah you’ll find some of those a bit harder than it should be due to what I call the “Street Fighter” ergomics (a.k.a. easier to throw a fireball facing right than facing left)

    By the way… here’s a “walkthrough”.. not cheating, because it didn’t make it much easier :)

    The World’s Hardest Game – Walkthrough!

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