Super Bowl XLVIII Was A Super Bowl For 12s (a.k.a. Ode To The Seahawks And The 12th Man)

The Seattle Seahawks always talk about the power of 12. Obviously our 12th man is a big factor in the Seahawks football games. In fact the Seahawks first jersey retired was the number 12 in honor of the fans, retired on December 15, 1984.

How quirky does it get? Let’s find out.


The Seahawks 12th Man

The cheering of the 12th man has gotten so loud it has been known to register as minor earthquakes.

Not to mention we broke the world record of noise. With 12 minutes, 29 seconds to play on December 12, 2013 (a.k.a. 12-12-13) against the New Orelans Saints: 137.6 decibels (via Guiness World Records Website)

The number 12 reigned supreme at the Super Bowl. Informed of the statistical oddities of the number 12 in the Super Bowl, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll smiled and replied, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

So let’s see how 12 was present at the “Super Bowl For 12s”! 12th man: sit back and enjoy!


THE WARNING: Some of you may read this and think it’s a bit of a reach … but then again so are superstitious sports fans. Sit’ll enjoy this :)

THE RESEARCH: I did not come up with all of these myself. They have been collected from around the internet, listening to radio shows, re-watching the Super Bowl, looking at the stat book, etc. In other words, it was a combined effort of the 12th man!

A Super Bowl For The 12s

The obvious ones to get us started:

Super Bowl 48. 48 = 4+8 = 12.

A Super Bowl is 4 quarters, and 48/4 = 12.

But here’s another one even better: How many 12′s are in 48? There are four 12s in 48. Four 12s. Or… For 12s

Super Bowl 48 = Super Bowl Four 12s = Super Bowl For 12s!!


    And don’t you worry, we’re just getting started!!


    In The Beginning, It Was Fate …

    12-12 Ending the season, the Seahawks scored 417 points total (4+1+7 = 12) while giving up 231 points (2+3+1 = 6). 12 is twice as many as 6. In other words: not only are the Seahawks a 12, but they were twice as good as their opponents this year!

      12-04 There are 12 letters in LEGION OF BOOM!

      12-05Seahawks moved to the NFC in 2002. 12 years later: they are in their fated Super Bowl For 12s.

      12-06Seattle’s main area code? OF course 206 (2×6 = 12)

        12-03 Marshawn Lynch finished the season rushing for 1257 yards and 12 touchdowns

          12-02 Russell Wilson has a listed weight of 206 pounds (2×6 = 12), finished the season with a total of 26 total touchdowns (2×6 = 12 again), and finished the season with a passer rating of 101.2….WHAT??! Yeah…that’s what!


            (check it out here:


              12-07Previous to the Super Bowl, the last time the Seahawks played a Manning at Metlife Stadium, it was against Eli Manning and the New York Giants on December 15th, 2013 (week 15). The Hawks not only shut out the Giants 23-0, Russell Wilson passed for 206 yards. (hmmmmmmmm)

              12-08Opening Windchill at kickoff: 48. And as we have already deduced mathematically, that means the weather is for 12s!

              And It Starts…

              12-09 First score: “The Safety” 12 seconds in.


              12-10 Marshawn Lynch touchdown at the 12 minute mark in the 2nd quarter


              12-11 To open the half-time show, how many kids are holding hands singing? 12

              12-13Start of the 3rd quarter: Actual temperature in Denver: 21 degrees (Denver: the reverse of 12!)

              12-14 Start of the 3rd quarter: Actual Temperature @ Metlife: 43 degrees. 4×3 = 12

              12-15Not only that, actual Temperature in Seattle: 41 degrees. Metlife Stadium + Seattle = 4+3 + 4+1 = 12!!

              The Nail In The Coffin..

              12-16 The opening half kick-off to Percy Harvin bounces on the … 12 yard line

              12-17 And of course he jets his way to a touchdown 12 seconds in. (a.k.a. my play of the game, the back breaker, the one that took all the wind out of the sails of the Broncos)

              The Honorary 12

              12-18Jermaine Kearse crosses into the endzone for the first passing touchdown 12 minutes in to the 3rd quarter (a.k.a 3 minutes mark).

              However: the timekeeper let two seconds run off even after Kearse was in the endzone. So the official time was 12minutes 2seconds in to the 3rd quarter or at the 2:58 mark.

              BREAKING NEWS: We have just found out from a close source that the timekeeper was so excited about Kearse scoring he accidentally let 2 seconds run off and he apologizes profusely to the 12s for this 2 second lapse.

              In other words:it’s a 12.

              In The End, It Was Destiny…

              12-19Peyton Manning’s 12th playoff loss, and now 1-2 in the super bowl (no disrespect to a classy athlete who, at age 37, has come back from multiple neck surgeries to SET NFL RECORDS! That is seriously awesome and no one can take that way. It’s just that at this Super Bowl XLVIII, the 12 was fated to win this Super Bowl For 12s)

              12-20 Broncos have now lost in a NFL record 5 Super Bowls:
              January 15, 1978: 27-10 against Dallas Cowboys
              January 25, 1987: 39-20 against NY Giants
              January 31, 1988: 42-10 against Redskins
              January 28, 1990: 55-10 against 49ers
              February 2, 2014: 43-8 against Seahawks

              Setting their losing total scores at: 206-58

              12th man Seahawks Football Seahawks 12th postseason win. (Putting them at 12-12 all-time in the post season)

              12-22 Final Score: 43-8. Seahawks scored 43 points. 4×3 = 12

              12-23On pass plays (3 receivers or more) Russell Wilson completed 12 of 14 passes.

              12-24 Russell Wilson passes for 206 yards AGAIN (just like he did against Peyton’s brother Eli Manning in week 15).

              12th Man Speaking of which, Seahawks vs Giants in week 15 final score: 23-0. Seahawks vs Broncos in the Super Bowl final score: 43-8. In total, the Seahawks vs the Manning brothers in Metlife Stadium this year: 66-8 (and of course 6+6 = 12)

              12th Man Come to think of it, add up those two passing yard games by Russell Wilson vs the Mannings @ Metlife: 206 + 206 = 412…. FOR 12!!!!

              12-26 Actual time of possession by the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII: 31m53s: 3+1+5+3 = 12

              12-27 MVP of the game is a 12. Malcolm Smith = 12 letters.

              SUPERBOWL LORE

              12-28 Teams with an interception return for a touchdown are now 12-0 in Super Bowls

              12-29 The Seahawks set a record for longest time holding a lead in a Super Bowl of 59 minutes and 48 seconds (FOR 12s!)

              AND LASTLY:

              12-30 How many Seahawk players played in Super Bowl 48? Every man that suited up, played. All 48 of them. How fitting that all 48 suited Seahawk got to play For the 12s!

              Congrats Seahawks on winning the SUPERBOWL FOR 12s!!!

              12th man












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              1. “Ode to the Seahawks 12th Man”

                To add my personal fated relationship to the Seahawks, I was born October “12″ 1970. My username on is October12thMAN. I was born to be an eternal 12!

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