Light People On Fire: A Silly Mindless Amusing Flash Game

It’s really hard to explain why this game is so awesome… is it the graphics? the music? The whole idea behind it? Not sure… but the hilarity of the entire game is just too amusing and words cannot explain.

I would love to explain this game but that would be like this: “’re like this shapeshifter and you can be a normal tree, but then what you really are is some maddening burning tree that likes to light people on fire… and”..

Okay seriously, words can’t explain … Just play it! If you have a sense of humor like mine, you will be amused!

light people on fire online flash game


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So you’re a regular tree … except when you don’t want to be.. and your goal is to burn as many people up as possible. And there’s a raincloud there too put there by some benign power to make sure you don’t burn people up.

The idea, soundtrack, and graphics are way cool… the only improvement I would make is some sort of mission-type game play or possibly a way that you could “die” and you get three lives.. instead of just a timer.. C’est La Vie

Like I said..YEAH! Let’s Light People On Fire!!

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