KJR Sports Radio Archives a.k.a. Relive The Seahawks Season!

I’ve been buying quite a bit of Seahawks memorabilia as of late: keychains, wallet, phone covers, mugs ..and I’m not even done yet! My friend told me I was obsessed. I responded I had 35 years of $$ saved up (though those Sonics came awfully close in the 90′s to depleting my championship fund… dang.. visions of Dikembe Mutombo and why I’m not the biggest fan of Denver sports teams)

Sufficed to say … a friend of mine pointed me to the local Seattle KJR Sports Radio archives recently. And I am in SPORTS HEAVEN!

So to you Seattle sports fans not living in Seattle, make sure to check these out!

Go Hawks!
Super Bowl 48 Seahawks Are Champs

So KJR Sports 950 has archives of just about all their radio shows. They go back pretty far too! (Though who knows when they purge these shows). Some of them definitely as far back as last fall.

I’m currently listening to the archives from before the conference championship and it’s reliving the buildup to the playoffs, to beating the 49ers, to the buildup to the Super Bowl, and of course WINNING the Super Bowl!

Take a listen! We’ve been waiting a long time for a championship to come back to Seattle so bask in the stories!

As one of the callers on the Elise and Jerry show said, in referencing “Mr. Holland’s Opus”

It’s good to know reading and writing, but you need to have something to read and write about.

Live it up!

Here are the complete show archives

Mitch In The Morning Archives
Elise and Jerry Archives
Ian Furness Archives
Dave Softy Mahler Archives

Direct Links To Pre and Post Super Bowl Shows

January 31 KJR Sports Radio (pre-Super Bowl):

Elise and Jerry 1/31 Full Show
Ian Furness 1/31 Hour 1
Ian Furness 1/31 Hour 2
Ian Furness 1/31 Hour 3
Softy Show 1/31 Hour 1
Softy Show 1/31 Hour 2
Softy Show 1/31 Hour 3

February 3 KJR Sports Radio (post-Super Bowl):

Elise and Jerry 2/3 Full Show
Ian Furness 2/3 Hour 1
Ian Furness 2/3 Hour 2
Ian Furness 2/3 Hour 3
Softy Show 2/3 Hour 1
Softy Show 2/3 Hour 2
Softy Show 2/3 Hour 3



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