Kitten Cannon! Let The Games Begin!

One “trademark” about most of the websites I put up … I have a “Procrastinate” page. Sometimes I have them directly linked, sometimes they are a bit “hidden”.

I admit the main reason I have these? So I can link all my favorite videos, games, pics, etc.. all in one place :) (in the days before the iPhone and such…)

So what better way to launch the Geekswing 2.0 Games/Procrastinate section with the very first flash game I started playing and still today one of my favorites

IT’S KITTEN CANNON!! kitten cannon flash game

All you need to do is:
Aim Your Cannon using Up-Arrow and Down-Arrow
Fire Your Cannon!! using Spacebar and your own awesome sense of timing

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Guilty pleasures!

You tell me your high score and I’ll tell you mine :) (I actually took a screenshot of it too! This was some time ago when my friend and I were addicted to this game and playing for bragging rights!)

Good times!

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