Acne Be Gone – A Game Too Gross You Have To Play It

A few years back (again before the iPhone and iPad and all that stuff) flash games were huge marketing tools.

Unfortunately most of the flash games that were a result of a marketing effort were pretty sucky.

This one made up for all of that. It rocks. Thumbs up to the marketing team that came up with this one! (and the game designers for making a simple game that’s just too fun)


All you need to do is:
Pop A Zit move your mouse and CLICK to pop!
Pop Another Zit (see above)
Pop More Zits!

And just keep popping them and see if you can get them all before the timer is done. It is a pretty nice exercise in mouse-use-and-dexterity…

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Great sound effects and graphics :) Enjoy!

It’ll take a bit of practice, but you can get all of them … though what will also keep you coming back is playing with the different ways you can create the “chain explosiotns” at the end… A great time-killer !

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