Channeling Gary “The Glove” Payton For One Night

My company’s annual basketball game was last night. While our company’s jersey colors are blue/yellow/white (I was on the white team), I had to pay homage to my beloved SuperSonics with a bit of SuperSonics attire.

My friend and coworker Bruno, never played basketball, decided just to jump in on the annual basketball game. So of course I had to outfit him properly with socks, headband, and wristband too!




Channeling ‘The Glove”

I think it helped in my doing my best to channel Gary “The Glove” Payton on a few picks!

The first one is my favorite. The fella on the left is one of the best players in our company and the organizer of the basketball game. I picked his pocket :) He laughed.




Seattle SuperSonics Gary Payton (R) fights for a l

“Bring Back Our Seattle SuperSonics!”

And of course … while it seems like it is much longer off now than ever before, it’s still in the back of many of the minds of those that miss our SuperSonics ..



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