A list of ebooks which I have authored, co-authored, edited, or just simply somehow got my name on! :) For now most of them are in .pdf format, but look soon for links to other book formats (like Kindle!). Enjoy! Cheers!




  • All the books below are FREE for you to download!!
  • ENJOY!

* Home and Kitchen ebooks (from the desk of Shim Sham Kitchen)

Home Decorating On A Dime

29 page ebook of creative home decorating ideas that won’t stretch your budget

* Health and Fitness ebooks (from the desk of Shim Sham Fit)

15 Holiday Weight Loss Tips

7 page quickie-read of tips to help you watch your weight during the holiday season

Fitting Fitness Into A Busy Schedule

50 page ebook on the importance of fitness and how to stay fit despite your busy schedule

* Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise ebooks

6 Tips For Personal Development

28 page detailed read of our 6 tips on personal development: Self-Confidence, Self-Assessment, Making A Plan, Accountability, Commitment, and Moving Forward.

Time To Take Action

14 page “no-fluff” read of our eight steps to get yourself to take action now: set goals, make a plan, get the mindset, and go forward.

Unleash The Hidden You

15 page “no-fluff” read: five sections to help you discover the beautiful inner you.


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